Ed’s Place – Liverpool Urban Room

During September 2018, we worked with the University of Liverpool School of Environmental Science to deliver Ed’s Place in Liverpool city centre’s former George Henry Lee department store.

What we did

For four weeks, activities and exhibitions, such as rotating debating, walking tours and design workshops, provided opportunities for the public, decision makers and developers to come together and share ideas.

An interactive exhibition explored how Liverpool city centre could be reimagined and revived, including future uses for empty shops and greener outdoor spaces. 2,000 people joined us to think creatively about how the city centre can be a better place for everyone. Throughout the programme, we gathered invaluable information, providing a unique insight into what people want Liverpool to be like in the future.

We learned about people’s priorities for the city, and their ideas for how they would improve it, including:

  • Those spaces in the city centre which local people feel should be prioritised
  • In what ways people would like to see areas improved
  • How people would like the public realm improved, and what routes are key
  • Ideas for how to reuse empty buildings.

We also explored the value and need for a permanent space like Ed’s Place, and people’s sense of community, specifically:

  • What people believe the impact of a space like Ed’s Place would be on the city
  • What community means to people, and how they feel connected to Liverpool
  • The importance of involving people in the design of the built environment, and their experiences of trying to share their views.


Ed’s place was a great success. When asked if we should have an ‘Ed’s Place’ in the city, 92% of respondents said ‘yes’.  Since Ed’s Place, we have delivered shorter pop-ups in towns across the region to involve people in developments, planning and proposals.

We will continue to take what we learned through Ed’s Place to create spaces where we can continue to make Better Places Together. A more detailed summary of the project can be found on the Ed’s Place booklet.

For more details of the findings or further information on the project, email info@placed.org.uk.

“I was struck at how inclusive a space it became. All ages, academics and professionals, and some of the most vulnerable people felt very comfortable working, talking and just being in this space.”

– Volunteer

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