Birkenhead Design Guide

Birkenhead Design Guide

Wirral Council has commissioned a team of architects and urban designers to create the Birkenhead Design Guide to support the Birkenhead 2040 Framework, its ambition for the town’s transformation. Together, these developments will guide development as part of an ambitious programme for Birkenhead to design sustainable neighbourhoods for the future.

The Design Guide will provide guidance for future developments to ensure high quality streets and buildings for Birkenhead. It will cover topics like how we should be able to move around our neighbourhoods, how infrastructure like waste or water management fits in, and how green spaces can be included.

What we did

PLACED ran a series of public and community engagement events as part of this process, to collect residents’ thoughts on neighbourhood and urban design to help shape the guide.

Working with Wirral Council and our design team partners, we developed a series of ways for people to get involved to share their views during November and December 2021. These enabled local people to contribute to the Design Guide and provide the design team with the information it need to make sure the Design Guide is suitable for Birkenhead.

These events included ‘drop by and chat’ pop-up events and community stakeholder workshops, held at various venues throughout Birkenhead. We also invited members of the community to share their views via Wirral Council’s Have Your Say online platform.


By working closely with the wider design team, PLACED made sure that feedback from the community shaped the development of the Birkenhead Design Guide.

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