Anfield Square

Liverpool City Council have revisited the vision and key projects for Anfield, with plans for various sites in the area to be transformed. Anfield Square is an important project within Anfield’s wider regeneration and particularly of its high street. The site has been identified as the next key project in the Anfield regeneration programme.

Situated on Walton Breck Road next to Liverpool Football Club stadium, Anfield Square is the site of demolished former terraced housing and is today fenced off, overgrown and littered, creating blight and anti-social behaviour. Liverpool City Council want to see a development that is economically viable, benefits Anfield and the people who live in the area, and is of a high standard. It is felt that the site needs a creative, viable development that still delivers positive impacts for local people. Centrally located by the football club, directly on the high street and with homes on two sides, Anfield Square’s future will have a significant impact on the area.

To explore what is possible and needed in the current climate, Liverpool City Council commissioned a design team led by Jones Lang LaSalle(JLL), with support from LDA Design and PLACED. The role of the team was to explore what options are available for the future of the site, what local people want to see, and how the site could look and feel in the future.

What we did

As part of the design team, PLACED co-ordinated and delivered community engagement activities and events. In early March 2023, PLACED delivered creative workshops for local primary schools and young people, and shared conversations with Anfield residents and local businesses through pop-up events at the Liverpool Lighthouse – a creative community space situated in the heart of Anfield that is a short walk from LFC stadium and the Anfield Square site. 

All our workshops and engagement events were supported by volunteers from the project team (Liverpool City Council, JLL and LDA Design) as well as PLACED Ambassadors with personal connections to the Anfield community. 


Findings from our engagement events and activities will support Liverpool City Council’s creation of a development brief for the Anfield Square site.

In May 2023, we will return to Anfield to deliver a feedback session for the community. At this final pop-up event, we will share what we have heard so far and provide an update of the project development.

“So much to offer – a sleeping giant”

– Anfield Resident

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