Anfield Cemetery

Anfield Cemetery

The Friends of Anfield Cemetery (FOAC) have been working for several years on an ambitious project to safeguard the cemetery. With the support of Liverpool City Council, the Heritage Fund and Historic England, funding was secured to renovate and improve elements of the cemetery that are considered “at risk”. 

As part of this project, there are plans for the creation of an International Heritage and Visitor Centre, to increase access to the cemetery’s heritage and provide jobs and volunteer opportunities for local people. The vision is to create a space that benefits all regardless of any disabilities, boosts the local economy and protects the cemetery for years to come.

What we did

PLACED was commissioned to engage with the community about the emerging vision for the International Heritage and Visitor Centre. The objectives were:

  • To find out the level of local support for the project
  • To understand what people would like to see at the International Heritage and Visitor Centre

PLACED delivered two pop-up events from the PLACED campervan in June and July 2019. Then, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown measures, activity was transferred online. In 2020 we developed a project website, an interactive platform for sharing ideas and discuss opinions.

The website included an ‘Ideas Wall’ – a visual, digital Post-It note space where participants could write and respond to comments about the proposals and upload and respond to images. The Ideas Wall also allows participants to see the ideas and comments of others, and to engage with these either through responding or liking / disliking them. This allows for more open and interactive engagement than a traditional survey. 


Findings from the engagement sessions are informing plans for the International Heritage and Visitor Centre, whilst celebrating the site’s unique heritage. You can find out more about this project of the Friends of Anfield Cemetery website.

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