How we work

PLACED specialises in making sure that people who don’t traditionally have their voices heard can be part of the design and decision-making process, alongside active, vocal stakeholders. Our principles address the challenges that clients wanting to deliver engagement often face.

1. Getting to know you

We start with a meeting to develop a greater understanding of your project, determine your priorities, establish your objectives and clarify your budget.

2. Agreeing a plan

We’ll share our engagement strategy for your feedback and approval, agreeing how to communicate the project and finalise our fee. With everything agreed, we’re ready to go…

3. Choose our team

We carefully select a team with the right experience and skills to deliver your project.

4. Getting hands-on

We deliver a tailor-made programme of activity and content to creatively engage your stakeholders and the wider community. To do this, we use a range of hands-on and digital activities, along with structured dialogue to draw out ideas, opportunities, limitations and challenges.

5. Reviewing and adapting

We’ll keep in touch throughout, feeding back, keeping you up-to-date with progress and working with you to identify any changes to the engagement programme. This makes sure you get maximum value from each project. Over longer projects, we may provide interim reports too.

6. Wrap-up report

We carry out a detailed analysis and provide a report that evidences the engagement process, participant priorities and ideas for you to follow up…

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