Women In Property – Social Media Workshop

This week, Project Coordinator Kim attended the Women In Property event focused around developing your social media.

The workshop was hosted at AEW Architects office in Manchester (which is absolutely lovely by the way) and we heard from Rachael Cunliffe from Engage 5 and Vice Chair of WIP as well as Sarah Cornes from Harris Creative.

We started by considering what a brand is and what types of customers we might want to attract and how we can build this into a brand and content strategy. This was great to go back to basics and really think if we’re attracting the right people and are we sending out all the messages we really want to send. We want to make sure we’re being entertaining, educational and putting our social enterprise’s services out there for people to see.

We were also then taught about platform funnels and how these work, it’s basically about a customer’s (although not sure customer is the right word for our type of organisation) journey on your brand’s social media and how you can keep them engaged in just one app rather than sending them elsewhere which they might not want to click! We also began thinking about reach, relationships and results and how this applies to what we do (especially here at PLACED). Our team do so many amazing things and things move pretty quickly, are we doing all we can to ensure we’re celebrating and showing these things online?

Sarah then told us some tips and tricks specifically about LinkedIn and Instagram, including best time to post and how active to be at different times depending on your audience as well as how to network better.

We have so many new ideas to try and we’re excited to implement them! Thank you to AEW, Women In Property, Rachael and Sarah.

*Some of these photos are courtesy of Rachael Cunliffe

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